Feature toggles are easy and delightful to implement. LaunchDarkly has changed the way we build, rollout and test features.

Scott Ringwelski

Rob Zuber

Co-founder and CTO, Handshake

Discover how to deploy code with less risk

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LaunchDarkly empowers all teams to deliver and control their software.

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Ship Fast. Rest Easy. Deliver 245% ROI.


See how safely delivering value faster with LaunchDarkly pays off. Know the risks, costs, benefits, and ROI. Get The Total Economic Impact™ of LaunchDarkly, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Forrester study proves LaunchDarkly's impact on your bottom line.

Reduced pre-production environment costs.

Explore the value of benefits like reduced pre-production environment costs, increased productivity, avoided costs of homegrown systems and reduced recruitment costs.

Meaningful developer productivity time & cost savings.

Developer productivity savings totaling $1 million. Achieve developer productivity savings on the day of release itself and in the hours saved resolving issues after release.

Improved business alignment and customer experiences.

LaunchDarkly customers experience improved development team-to-business alignment, improved customer experience and improved governance compliance.

Understand initial & ongoing expenses & their returns.

Review detailed risk-factors and see how Forrester’s TEI methodology accounts for these risks. Gain insight into the potential ROI and time savings across key Forrester’s metrics.

Ship Fast. Rest Easy. Deliver 245% ROI.

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What's Inside

  • How organizations shift towards weekly code releases by year 3
  • Why developers using LaunchDarkly can result in over $1M in savings
  • The $137,871 advantage in not owning a homegrown flagging system
  • How you can reduce developer stress and improve retention with LaunchDarkly
  • How LaunchDarkly users quickly validate features with real users
  • Software license fee cost modeling based on a gradual team rollout