A new approach to software delivery


Progressive Delivery gives all teams control over which users see which code changes, and when. It is a transformative cultural shift that enables your entire organization to spend more time creating value and less time managing risk.

What if your team could safely ship software faster than your competitors?

Why Progressive Delivery over Continuous Delivery

See why you’re right to be wary of CI/CD. And how Progressive Delivery helps even the most skeptical teams safely ship faster.

How Progressive Delivery really works.

See how this delivery method empowers your entire organization to deliver more value to end users. Without worrying about buggy code.

The competitive edge in Progressive Delivery

Explore how Progressive Delivery drives faster innovation. And how that innovation can help you snap up your competitors’ customers.

Feature flags and Progressive Delivery

See how feature flags support Progressive Delivery. And how a LaunchDarkly helps you create and manage flags at scale.

Ship value faster than your competitors

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What's Inside

  • What all elite software dev teams have in common
  • Characteristics of Progressive Delivery that empower your team throughout their release cycles
  • Differences between Continuous and Progressive Delivery. And how PD is safer
  • Why CI/CD fails many teams
  • The “built-for-failure” advantage baked into Progressive Delivery
  • How LaunchDarkly can help you implement Progressive Delivery faster

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKay

Rob Zuber

Principal Software Engineer

Discover how to deploy code with less risk

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