How often are teams deploying vs. how often they’d like to?

It turns out that very few software professionals think they are deploying too fast. This suggests that, in the grand scheme of things, and in proportion to software professionals’ good judgment, software should be delivered more rapidly—i.e. delivery ought to be more continuous.

Deploy multiple times per day


Would like to deploy multiple times per day


Deploy multiple times per month


Would like to deploy multiple times a month


How often are teams releasing software?

Sleuth and LaunchDarkly joined forces to ask 203 software development professionals about their approach to shipping and the impact of their software release processes.

How do feature flags impact deployments?

Since feature flags facilitate a more aggressive release pipeline via both feature-addition and risk-reduction, we supposed that the use of feature flags would correlate positively with other continuous delivery maturity indicators. This turned out to strongly be the case across a wide range of objective and subjective metrics. Discover more findings in the report.

What are the most common tests run before a deployment?

We wanted to understand the rationale behind CD adoption, and the metrics teams use to measure progress towards that goal.

Are development teams experiencing deployment anxiety?

Anybody that has been involved in software releases knows that deployments cause stress and anxiety. The worry over whether things will go smoothly or if people will be pulled away from dinner, sleep, or vacations is real, and certain types of process make it worse.  

  • How teams think their development process compares with others
  • Why there’s more room for automation
  • The impact of feature flags on deployments
  • Biggest blockers to automating production deployments
  • Actual vs desired deployment frequency
  • Potential causes of deployment anxiety and more

What's Inside

Why are teams adopting Continuous Delivery?

We wanted to understand the rationale that’s driving software developers to adopt continuous delivery. And since it’s been said that executives love continuous delivery more than developers, we broke down the reasoning by job role, which you can find in the report.

Learn how CI/CD helps teams move fast, safely!

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  • Increased speed of feature delivery
  • Shortened development cycles
  • Increased release frequency
  • Improved developer/team flow/productivity
  • Reduced complexity of development cycle

Top 5 Reasons for Adoption

Top 5 Release Metrics

  • Deployment frequency
  • Production downtime
  • Lead time
  • Change failure rate
  • MTTR

A look at the motivations, processes, and psychological impact of adopting continuous delivery.


A Continuous Delivery Report

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