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01The surprising benefits of using feature flags to test in production (page 5).

02Why teams take a narrow approach to flagging. And how to be smarter (page 7).

03A powerful way to validate product improvements with feature flags (page 12).

04How teams at companies like Netflix and Atlassian use feature flags (page 15).

05Getting started with feature management. Even if you’re early on in Agile (page 17).

06The secret to scaling flags across large teams. Even with 1000s of engineers (page 23). 

07The overlooked requirements to consider, whether you're building your own or evaluating a third-party
(page 31).

Inside Effective Feature Management you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how elite software teams use feature management as their competitive edge.

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O'Reilly Effective Feature Management E-book

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What if your team could safely ship software features faster?

Gain a competitive advantage with Effective Feature Management: Releasing and Operating Software in the Age of Continuous Delivery. So you can deploy when you want, release when you’re ready and enable valuable product innovation.

The foundation of powerful feature flagging.

See how feature flags can help you adopt progressive delivery, migrate infrastructures and safely test in production.

Flagging advice from front line Software teams.

Get insider tips that give you a head start towards success with feature management. From dev teams that are already successfully using flags.

Use cases from elite teams like Netflix and Atlassian.

See how 10 elite teams use feature flagging inside their organizations to ship faster, with more control. For better end-user experiences.

Must-haves in your feature management system.

Use these requirements whether you’re building or buying. So you know what you need to scale your system to your business’ demands.

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See how to empower your team to deliver and control their software releases.
See how to empower your team to deliver and control their software releases.
Ship more. Risk less. Improve performance.
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