Accelerating digital transformation


See how enterprises accelerate digital transformation, so they can ship faster than their competition. With less risk and more control.

What if your team could safely ship software faster than your competitors?

Link between software and business performance

Explore the direct connection between software and business performance. And see how the world’s elite teams boost the bottom line.

What all elite software development teams do

See how elite teams use feature management platforms to build, deploy and release new features. And why these teams see faster delivery and stronger stability.

Why FMPs really matter to elite software teams

See the key metrics used to grade software development and delivery. And the 2,604x difference between elite teams and low performers.

How 7 companies pursued digital transformation

Get an insider look at how 7 companies - including Intuit and Atlassian - improved their software delivery. And how that supercharged their software performance.

Deliver value like high-performance teams.

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What's Inside

  • Difference between enterprises that win and retain customers and those that don’t
  • What to consider when grading your team’s software development and delivery performance
  • Why enterprises should care that the number of elite performing teams is rapidly increasing
  • The 1 thing that could turn stressful releases into barely-noticeable blips in time
  • The secret inside feature management platforms that accelerates digital transformation
  • How 7 companies - including IBM and Intuit - gained “elite performance” status

Feature flags are a critical piece of modern development and continuous delivery. I enjoy LaunchDarkly. So glad we're using it.

Rob Zuber

Rob Zuber

CTO, CircleCI

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