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LaunchDarkly empowers all teams to deliver and control their software.

Feature flags are a critical piece of modern development and continuous delivery. I enjoy LaunchDarkly. So glad we're using it.

Rob Zuber

Rob Zuber

CTO, CircleCI

Discover how to deploy code with less risk

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See how enterprise IT leaders plan to deploy faster. So they exceed C-suite expectations. And enhance customer experiences.

What if you could ship faster without sacrificing user experience?

How testing in production is critical to success

See why many IT leaders view testing in production as a key to successful development. But how few invest in the tools to make it happen.

The Feature Management Platform advantage

See why enterprise IT leaders want to invest in a feature management platform. And the advantages they’ll unlock once they’re implemented.

Where most software teams struggle

See where teams face the biggest obstacles in achieving rapid release cycles. And how IT leaders prioritize solving these operational challenges.

Key recommendations for enterprise IT leaders

Get Forrester’s top suggestions for prioritizing your goals during feature management platform evaluations. And why doing so will help you align business needs with IT needs.

What's Inside

  • What 91% of software teams do to improve applications
  • Where nearly half of IT leaders struggle to improve release reliability
  • Barriers that block 51% of teams from acting on feedback
  • What 65% of IT leaders want to empower their leaders to do
  • Why 86% of IT leaders plan to invest in a feature management
  • How few enterprise teams use feature management to claim their competitive advantage

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