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Migrations are nerve-racking. The uncertainty related to timing, expense, and resources is enough for many companies to delay them as long as possible. The good news is you can eliminate a lot of the risks associated with migrations and app modernization by gaining more control over the process with feature flags.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKay

Rob Zuber

Principle Software Engineer

Discover how to deploy code with less risk

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An application Modernization guide for the risk-averse


Learn how feature flags dramatically reduce the risk of modernizing infrastructure and applications

LaunchDarkly empowers all teams to deliver and control their software.

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  • Why companies are modernizing their applications
  • What holds organizations back from migrating and modernizing
  • How feature flags can mitigate migration risks
  • Why enterprises should consider a feature flag management platform and strategy to assist in the process.

In this guide, you'll learn: